Database upgrade


We got request to upgrade oracle database/cluster from to database/cluster. First thing to notice is that, we cann’t directy upgrade cluster to because we had database underlying. cluster cann’t run database because of some bugs. So our upgradation setps involved

1) Upgrade CRS to

2) Upgrade db to

3) Upgrade CRS to

4) Upgrade db to

This is the strategy we proposed to client.


3 thoughts on “Database upgrade

  1. Hi Ranjit,

    you’re off to a good start, keep writing more! BTW did you get to implement your strategy? I’m interested in learning more about upgrading to 11.2(not sure which minor).

    Best regards,

    1. Hi Savvinov,

      Thanks for commenting. Yes defiantly i lately developed interest in blogging.
      I feel blogging does a good job in learning oracle and helps to interact with people.
      As i’m newbie in blogging thing so i felt blogspot bit more easy and i continued with, but that too is not updated regularly :).
      About your question upgrade from to 11.2, this seems to be easy upgrade but may get
      some hiccups. There was RAC involved so we were bit more scared. Anyway the strategy is still in place and we might get chance to upgrade database hosting on RAC. Its a client decision.

      Actually current database is, since (GRID) cannot host so we thought of first upgrading it to (with latest PSU) database and Cluster both. Then do our upgrade part to 11g.
      Yes when we really do it, i’ll post it.


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